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Wszystkie domeny doskonale wypozycjonowane (w językach KLIENTÓW z zagranicy!!!), przejęcie klientów zagranicznych i polskich obu firm w pakiecie !
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About us


Grzybek Łosicki Cooperative was established in 2004 and in October 2005 a cold store was opened. At that time, the company united 15 manufacturers and a weekly production volume amounted to 80-100 tons of mushrooms. The first customers of the Cooperative were Polish agents involved in exporting goods to the European markets. In January 2006, the Cooperative commenced a direct cooperation with foreign customers.

At present, Grzybek Łosicki Cooperative is the largest union of mushroom manufacturers in the east of Poland, comprising currently of 39 members. Manufacturers - members of the Cooperative, have extensive experience in growing and exporting white and brown champignons and oyster mushrooms. A weekly production volume is 500 tons of mushrooms.

Individual members of the Cooperative supply fresh goods to our modern cold store every day. Immediately after being discharged from the refrigerated truck, pallets with mushrooms are placed in the so-called ?shockers.? The task of these devices is to quickly cool champignons down to the temperature of 2 degrees. Treated this way, mushrooms tolerate better storing in the cold store for even as long as 10 days. It is due to this method that customers are always provided only with fresh mushrooms.

In September 2010, the Cooperative opened its new premises located in Kopce, near Łosice. The new logistic facility includes: a large cold store of the area of approx. 4000 m2 with a packaging warehouse and modern loading and unloading ramps, an office building with a social area and a conference room, as well as a car park with a spacious manoeuvre area for trucks. The warehouse is furnished with state-of-the-art equipment for mushroom sorting, storing and packing: from high quality shockers, forklift trucks, machines for cleaning cases, through a packing line, to the modern computer software.

We export our products to the countries of Eastern, Western and Southern Europe, such as: France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Cyprus, United Kingdom and Russia.

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